"Thought-provoking and entertaining."
Administrative Training

Elaine provides training sessions to administrative staff and professors. Sessions range from one to four hours.

Staff trainings on sexual harassment, workplace harassment, and diversity and inclusion are available. Elaine is known to facilitate critical conversations, yeilding surprsing results. As one college president said during a diversity and inclusion training, "You made us realize that we need to talk more about this!"

In another program offered, your administrative staff will be updated on the current high-risk trends affecting campuses nationwide - new trends emerge annually. Having worked with more than 650 campuses, Elaine is able to identify and share effective global strategies so you may implement them on your campus. Administrators learn to identify red flags alerting them that a student is struggling. She provides strategies for effective communication to guide them to get the necessary help.  

Numerous athletic programs have sponsored breakfast or lunch meetings with their coaching staff, so they may benefit from Elaine's expertise.

Topics Include:

High-risk drinking
Sexual Assault – Title IX
Sexual Health
Healthy relationships
Date Rape Drugs
Mental Health

Diversity and Inclusion
Prescription Drug Abuse
Illegal Drug Abuse
Effects of Helicopter Parenting
Effective strategies from other campuses

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