Elaine's ability to engage an audience with her infectious energy leaves students talking for weeks! Known for her humor and uniquely interactive exercises, students experience real life situations where they gain the inspiration to reflect on their legacy and motivation to make responsible choices to acheive life goals. Students rave about her award-winning programs, stating that Elaine profoundly changed their lives.

Elaine offers a variety of programs to suit the needs of your student population. Whether you are dealing with alcohol-related issues, sexual assault, or concerns regarding sexual health, her programs are specifically tailored for you. Through in-depth conversations, Elaine will learn about the issues affecting your students. This helps her customize and develop the perfect solution as you are booking your program.

High-risk behaviors at our colleges and universities are a contributing factor to one of the lowest retention and graduation rates of the industrialized nations. As trends change year to year, Elaine remains current and continually updates her information to meet your needs.

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