You are What You Tweet: Surviving Social Media

Would you like your students to clean up their social media profiles? Do you cringe when you read their posts?

Social media has changed the way we interact. Unfortunately, many students are posting ALL their activities in what looks like a race to the bottom. To weed through large pools of job applicants, employers look at social media profiles first and eliminate the ones who don't exercise discretion. That photo of a keg stand can come back to haunt someone!

Elaine will open your students' eyes as they learn that their privacy settings will not prevent people from gaining access to their profiles. Your students will develop an understanding of the psychological effects of social media and develop sensitivity to reduce bullying, depression, and anxiety of others. Participants will be engaged and entertained by numerous examples of positive posts and ones that can ruin your students' reputations. They learn the importance of their digital footprint which is their resume. Most importantly your students will learn effective strategies to set up positive profiles that are reflective of their career aspirations, interests, brands, and values. Many have stated to Elaine after the program that they needed to clean up their profile. Administrators have said it as well! Two programs are offered, one that is customized for student athletes and the other for the general student population. Elaine will include posts that are specific to your campus.

Takeaways for your students:

The importance of a clean digital footprint
The global reach of postings
Posts are properly of site, and can't be permanently deleted
How prospective employers are gaining access to their profiles
Privacy Settings
How to prevent stalking and identity theft
Psychological effects of social media
Effects of online bullying

Examples of what should not be posted
Character assassination
Taking down inappropriate posts from friends
Examples of professional posts and strategies to build a respectful brand