"It was the topic of conversation for weeks!"
Collegiate Athletes

Elaine loves the energy of student athletes! She developed a niche for working with collegiate athletic departments 15 years ago and understands the issues that are unique to them. Having a reputation for working and playing hard, they are higher profile than most students on campus. Their indiscretions do not go under the radar as they do for others. This attracts negative media attention and tarnishes their reputation and that of your athletic program and campus. Elaine fosters an understanding that student athletes are ambassadors of their campus, not only in the competitive arena but outside as well. They respond well to her energy, accessibility, interactive exercises, and realistic approach to their issues.

The program offerings are the same, however Elaine customizes her program and messages specifically to meet the needs of student athletes. They learn about prevention, consequences of choice, and bystander intervention, as she stresses that their teammates are family. Student athletes leave her program motivated to make positive choices and to look out for one another. Most importantly they gain an understanding that these are the years to build a solid foundation towards obtaining life goals, a bright future, and to develop a legacy that they are proud of.

These are some of the athletic programs that Elaine has worked with:

University of Southern California
University of Nebraska
Baylor University
University of Florida
University of Central Florida

Villanova University
Ohio State University
University of Illinois
Clemson University
Wake Forest University

Temple University
University of Arkansas
University of Rhode Island
Arizona State University
University of Minnesotta

Elaine has presented to these notable Division I collegiate football programs:

University Alabama
University of Oregon
Florida State University
Mississippi State University
University of Georgia

Penn State University
Louisiana State University
Texas Tech University 
University of Tennessee
University of Notre Dame

University of Pittsburgh
University of Syracuse
University of Delaware
Iowa State University
University of Miami

University of South Carolina
University of Connecticut
Bryant University
University of Texas
Texas A&M

Auburn University
University of Arizona
Rutgers University
Temple University

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