"You will not be disappointed."
Healthy Families - Productive Employees

If you want to your employees to be less distracted at work, Elaine has the perfect solution for you! Let's create healthy families to increase productivity in the workplace! When parents are distracted or need to take time off due to a family crisis, the workplace suffers a loss in productivity.

This program is ideal for a family wellness, lunch and learn, or spousal program. It is effective for parents of children of all ages. It's essential to develop skills at an early age to resist peer pressure and to recognize the negative effects of high-risk behaviors. Elaine has worked with thousands of college, secondary, middle, and elementary students, faculty, and wellness professionals across the nation. She has heard the stories and has a keen awareness of the latest high-risks trends and knowlege of the solutions.

Instead of having that "one talk" with their children, parents gain the tools to develop that important ongoing conversation. They learn how to talk comfortably and openly about sensitive topics such as sex and substance abuse. Elaine shares effective strategies to enhance a child's self-esteem and self-respect.

This program is a must for parents who want to sleep at night knowing that they have empowered their children with the skills to make positive choices. As one parent commented, "I walked out more informed, more shocked, and more empowered to try and guide our kids safely through life."

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