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Am I Ready for College?

So you think the stress of getting into college ends with your acceptance letter, right? Most students have been working hard towards academic success, SAT'S, and bulding a stellar resume of extracurricular activities, so they can get into the college of their choice. Within the first weeks of their first semester many students are melting down from the unexpected pressure of this new life.

Twenty five percent of incoming students do not return to college their second year. They were accepted, but were they adequately prepared for their newfound freedom? This eye-opening program for juniors and seniors provides the tools to jump-start a successful transition to campus life.

As a nationally recognized speaker on campuses for the past nineteen years, Elaine has heard all the stories. She prepares high school students for the challenges that they often face. Are you too far from home? What happens when you are stuck with a roommate who likes to party five nights a week? Will you lose sleep because students on your floor are up all hours of the night? Should a student be forced to vacate their room because a roommate is constantly entertaining their boyfriend or girlfriend? How can you find a living environment on campus that is more conducive to academic success?

Elaine talks about the effects of alcohol abuse on a college education. She fosters an understanding that one night of partying, or one inconsequential decision can be life-altering. Forty one percent of all academic difficulties and 28 percent of all drop outs result from alcohol abuse.

Issues regarding sexual assault are discussed. The person who is most susceptible to becoming a victim of sexual assault on college campuses is a freshman girl, typically within her first 6 weeks of the first semester. Elaine creates an awareness of situations that make them vulnerable to becoming victims of this crime.

Postponing sex, practicing safe sex, and maintaining one's integrity are discussed at length. Many students on campuses are mixing sex and alcohol. Elaine warns students that this high-risk combination often leads to life-altering events such as an unintended pregnancy or the spread of a sexually transmitted infection.

Elaine challenges students to look at the big picture when applying to college. She provides pertinent information on the factors that should be consider as they are making their final decision of the campus of their choice,  Through this program students are successfully prepared to transition to a new and exciting life.

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