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High School Parent Program

Alcohol, unprotected sex, sexual assault, date rape drugs, prescriptions drug abuse, marijuana... is your child prepared to face the challenges of peer pressure and high-risk activities that students encounter today?

Elaine a has spoken at numerous high schools and at over 450 college campuses across the country. Working with thousands of students, health professionals and teachers, she has heard all of the stories. Your child's decision to follow their peers can lead them to make a choice that may change the rest of their life.

Elaine will enlighten you about high-risk trends in high schools and colleges as she discusses issues surrounding alcohol, drug use and unsafe sex. Learn how you and your children can talk openly and comfortably about these sensitive topics. Important parenting skills that will enhance a child's self esteem and self respect will be shared. This program is a must for parents who want to sleep at night knowing that they have empowered their children with the skills to make healthy choices.

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