"Thanks for maybe saving my life."
Surviving the Party

Choices to engage in high-risk behaviors often commence in middle and high school. Students at this age understand the consequences of these behaviors however, the feelings of invincibility, combined with the brain that is not fully developed, lead to decisions that can be life-altering.

Since 1995, Elaine has transformed the lives of thousands of middle and high school students. Her nonjudgmental and honest approach to topics such as alcohol, sexual assault, sexual health, and drug use creates a dialogue that allows students to communicate freely with her. She knows what students are doing and motivates them to consider the consequences of these behaviors.

Alcohol is the drug of choice for teens, yet they do not realize that a pattern of high-risk drinking can lead to addiction in adult life. Alcohol is damaging to the developing adolescent brain. Most teens consume heavier quantities of alcohol, unaware of the long term effects on memory and cognitive skills. Elaine talks about the negative consequences of alcohol on one's life and provides strategies to delay drinking. Your students will leave her program with a renewed awareness for bystander intervention and confidence to party without a social lubricant.

Sexual activity is commencing at earlier ages. Sexual assault often occurs in combination with high-risk drinking and the U.S. has the highest teen STI rate of the industrial nations. Through eye-opening, engaging, interactive activities, Elaine enlightens students to understand the importance of honest communication, respect, consent, and the consequences of unprotected sex. 

Her honest and frank discussions are a welcome change for students who desire accurate information that is not sugar-coated. Understanding school districts have different policies regarding sex education, she specifically tailors her programs to the parameters set by your school board.

Drug abuse can also be addressed. Elaine will touch on the drugs that are of concern for your student population. Drugs most commonly addressed are marijuana, prescription drugs, heroin, cocaine, and date rape drugs.

Peer pressure and misperceptions frequently lead teens to engage in high-risk behaviors. Your students will leave this program with renewed self-esteem and a keen awareness that decisions that they make today will lead to a legacy and quality of life that they will be proud of - choices matter!  Students will be challenged to set goals, and understand that this crucial time is a stepping stone for a productive and happy future.

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