"Everyone should hear Elaine speak!"
Living and Loving in a World with AIDS

In this time of complacency when many believe that HIV infection can't happen to them, Elaine is guaranteed to open your students' eyes and change their attitudes! AIDS is a disease that is not going away. Living and Loving in a World with AIDS is a powerful, interactive, eye-opening program about the AIDS epidemic today.

After losing her mom and stepdad to AIDS related complications Elaine vowed to speak out to prevent others from experiencing the same loss that devastated her family. She presents a very personal perspective on the stigma of HIV/AIDS.

Your students will gain a true understanding of the life-altering effects of HIV/AIDS after experiencing this award-winning program. Elaine will leave them emotionally charged, and with a greater sense of compassion for those who are infected. They will be transformed to personally take precautions and assume responsibility for their behavior choices.

Elaine is a must for your AIDS awareness event! As a panel maker for the AIDS Memorial Quilt, she can supplement your AIDS Quilt Display with a powerful message of honor, awareness, and prevention.

Outcomes for students:
Knowledge of HIV/AIDS technical facts
Understanding of the high-risk behaviors that lead to transmission
Know the current trends to dispel complacency
Gain compassion and an understanding of the challenges for those living with HIV/AIDS
Motivate to make positive choices for risk reduction through preventive message

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