You Are What You Tweet

Social media has changed the way we interact. Political and social movements have gained momentum through its use, and many have found gainful employment through networking and developing professional profiles. Some HR professionals even say that the traditional resume is dead, and LinkedIn is the new resume.

Unfortunately, many young adults are posting ALL of their activities in what often looks like a race to the bottom. People want to be popular. In the world of social media, this is equivalent to gaining more "friends" and doing what you can to get as many "likes" as possible. The more extreme and appalling the post, the more likes. Through anonymous sites like YikYak, bullying and outrageous behavior is increasing.

Elaine will open your service members' eyes as they learn that people have access to their social media profiles regardless of their privacy settings. In an attempt to weed through large pools of job applicants, employers are looking at these profiles first and eliminating the negative ones. Many are losing out on desired opportunities. That photo of drunken night will often come back to haunt someone.

Participants will gain and understanding of the psychological effects of social media and develop the sensitivity to reduce bullying, depression, and anxiety of others. They will be engaged, and entertained by the many examples of both positive posts and ones that can ruin their reputation. Most importantly, they truly learn the importance of their digital footprint, which is their resume. Many have come to Elaine after seeing this program with a look of concern on their faces, stating that they were going to clean up their profile.

Topics Include:
The importance of a clean digital footprint
The global reach of postings
Posts are properly of site, and can't be permanently deleted
How prospective employers are gaining access to their profiles
Privacy Settings
How to prevent stalking and identity theft
Psychological effects of social media
Effects of online bullying
Examples of what should not be posted
Character assassination
Taking down inappropriate posts from friends
Examples of professional posts

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