"Loved the interaction and demonstrations."
New Student Orientation for Parents

Elaine is a perfect speaker for a parent program for new students. She knows both sides of the coin.

As a parent of two sons who attended college, she has been there and done that! She understands the challenges facing parents as they prepare their child to transition to living on campus, and as they say goodbye on Move-in Day. She has also experienced the readjustment that both parents and students face as they return home during their breaks.

In her 22 years of experience working with college administrators,  Elaine has gained extraordinary insight into their challenges as they work with new students and their parents. As many students lack the skills for independent living, and parents continue to hover, administrators find their jobs more difficult than ever.

Elaine encourages parents to let go, so their children can independently grow and develop crucial life skills. She shares with humor her own personal stories of watching her sons take two steps forward and one step back as she tried to remain mininimally involved. It is a delicate balance!

Parents will be enlightened about the challenges that their children will experience within their first semester and learn effective stategies to help both transition smoothly into college life.

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