"The rookies said it was one of their best presentations."
Professional Athlete Programs

Elaine has been preventing pro athletes from going off the rails for years. After seeing her program participants learn to stop and evaluate their own actions and discontinue life-altering and potentially dangerous behaviors.

She understands the issues confronting athletes. Her ninteen years of experience with collegiate athletes led her to work at the professional level for the past 7 years. Her open and nonjudgmental demeanor enables her to facilitate honest and intimate conversations about alcohol, women, sexual health, sexual assault, and domestic violence. Elaine's extensive conversations with player development staff from various leagues have provided a deep insight into the challenges that both players and staff face.

She challenges athletes to develop the ability to stop and think about the consequences of a choice they are about to make. Will it take them down a path they spent a lifetime working hard to achieve, or one of regret? They internalize the skills to quickly shift gears so they can avoid a life-altering event.

Athletes state that her transformational sessions involving impactful interactive exercises provide a wakeup call they did not take away from other program facilitators. Elaine's engaging interaction, insight on current facts, and relevant stories motivate players to reflect on past behaviors and make responsible choices. She creates an atmosphere of trust and athletes frequently approach her in the halls after the program to discuss specific life issues.

Professional athletes enter into a world where there is an abundance of money, attention, and temptation. How well prepared is a young athlete to handle the intense pressure of constant media scrutiny? They work hard and play hard. Unfortunately many get caught up in the moment and lose sight of where the fun ends and the trouble begins. Many stellar careers and hard-earned reputations have been sidetracked by one inconsequential decision.

It is essential to offer player development programs that foster the understanding that proper conduct off the field is equally as important as conduct on the field. This preventive investment can save your organization negative publicity, embarrassment, liability, loss of revenue, and will preserve hard-earned legacies.

Topics Offered:

Legacy in life
Sexual health and healthy relationships
Sexually transmitted infections

Sexual assault
Entrapment by opposite sex
Domestic Violence
Child Abuse

Prescription Drug Abuse

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