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Safe Spring Break

Each year thousands of college students flock to the beaches of the U.S. and foreign destinations for a week of fun and sun. Unfortunately, not everyone comes home with happy memories. Elaine often states, "Come home with souvenirs, not sexually transmitted diseases!"

Some trips turn into a free-for-all of bad decisions where students sustain minor and deadly injuries, become victims of sexual assault, and encounter legal issues leading to arrests. Even the simplest decision, like flashing the camera might have future implications. Will a prospective boss have access to those images before your first job interview? Whether your students are traveling or going home, Elaine will prepare them for a safe and fun week.

Your students will learn the effects of excessive alcohol consumption on instincts, decision making, safety, and well-being. They will be ready to drink responsibly, stay together, and to look out for one another. Sexually transmitted infections are at an all-time high. Students learn about the consequences of random hook ups and safe sex, as Elaine provides them with numerous options for protection. Elaine also provides preventive strategies to stop sexual assault and the victimization of predatory date rape drugs.

This is a week to make safe, positive choices, and to develop fond and lasting memories. Students will leave this program empowered to value their safety and well-being over just having fun.

Topics Include:

How to prepare for travel
Consequences of high-risk drinking
Safe consumption of alcohol
Date rape drugs
Connection of unprotected sex to alcohol

Conesequences of unprotected sex
Staying together, keeping each other safe
Alternative spring break activities

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