"Very open + very honest = very effective."
Sex and Excess: Surviving the Party

Get ready to increase retention on your campus and help your students achieve stellar success! Elaine is guaranteed to change the mindset of your students! She empowers them to prioritize their goals and their legacy, and challenges them to adopt a healthier perspective on partying.

A Jersey girl who has seen it all, Elaine does not subscribe to the ineffective "Don't do it message." Instead she provides effective strategies on how to party safely while remaining academically productive. Through her expertise in public health, Elaine clearly establishes alcohol's effects on the brain, decision-making processes, and its life-altering outcomes. Students gain respect for alcohol as Elaine provides options ranging from abstinence to safe alcohol consumption. She clarifies their misconceptions about safe quantities and metabolism.

Elaine effectively connects high-risk drinking to unprotected sex through wildly captivating, highly memorable interactive exercises that get students out of their seats and engages them in real-life situations. ( YEA! No dry PowerPoint! They will be talking about this program for months! ) Your students will leave understanding the potentially life-altering consequences of unprotected sex, as well as the joy of safe sex and healthy communication. Elaine discusses this difficult topic with refreshing honesty and side splitting humor. Your students will leave with a clear understanding of the relationship of alcohol to sexual assault, and the dangers of date rape drugs.

Combining the topics of alcohol, sex, and sexual assault brings home the relevant message of partying responsibly, respecting one another, and keeping each other safe. This dynamic program creates a safe and healthy campus environment, and increased student retention. Your students will leave empowered and motivated to perform their best academically, and to have fun without life-altering consequences or regrets. Students state that Elaine gave them a fresh perspective in which they learned to keep their radar up at parties, and to take action in bystander intervention.

Elaine is a highly engaged listener and communicator. She will discuss the topics available to address the needs of your student population and together you will find the perfect solution and program for your students.

Program content is tailored for Catholic universities and other faith-based institutions

Topics Include:

Goals and legacy in life
High-risk drinking - Safe quantities and metabolism
Effects of alcohol on brain, body, and behavior
Effects of alcohol on athletic ability and muscle recovery
Negative consequences of high-risk drinking

Sexual violence
Date rape drugs
Sex under the influence
Negative outcomes of unsafe sex
Sexually transmitted infections

Bystander Intervention
Safe sex & healthy communication
Marijuana, other Illegal drugs, prescription drug abuse
Responsible choices
Social norms

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