"I am beyond happy it was something the administration saw fitting for all of our student athletes. I do not know how they will be able to top this in the coming years."

Temple University student athlete

"It is rare to find someone as skilled at broaching this difficult topic with the type of crowd we have here...we were very impressed with the interaction."

Steve Scharnecchia Syracuse University Football

"It is touching that a person like her who has lost so much in her life is willing to give so much to the lives of others."

Villanova University Student

"This was definitely not just another cookie-cutter lecture where everything was sure to go in one ear and out the other."

Temple University Student Athlete

"Elaine was SO easy to work with."

Debbie Gray Patton UW Oshkosh

"Many student athletes went out of their way to praise her performance as they found her easy to relate to, funny, and informational." 

Roberto Sasso  Seton Hall University

"I have invited Elaine to each university I have been at for multiple years. She is the best presenter on a difficult but important subject matter."

Dr. Wendi Santi University of St Mary

"I think every college student should go through this program. I learned so much about HIV, sex and alcohol that I didn't know before. I will definitely think twice before I drink in an environment where I don't know someone, or even drink at all.Thank you for an inspiring program."

Student University of Southern California

"You inspired me and my roommates to stay safe this year."

Student The Juilliard School

"Brock University loved your show!"


"A lot of what you said I've heard before, especially from my parents, but somehow you brought it all home for me and I sincerely appreciate that."

Student Berkeley College

"I just want to tell you that the talk you gave last night was one of the best I've ever heard! The delivery of your speech and material was informative, not forceful unlike talks I've heard in the past. You have a wonderful sense of humor, knowing when to laugh and smoothly transition into more serious subjects. I am so happy I got to hear your talk, keep doing what you are doing!"

Student University of Nebraska

"I appreciate your energy, professionalism and expertise. I am sure our student athletes had a transformative experience."

Charles Small University of New Orleans

"You are doing such a fantastic job and you can potentially save and protect hundreds of lives by creating an awareness. Thank you so much; continue to spread the word."

Student Mout Olive College

"Your talk changed my life!"

Student - St. John Fisher College

"I have always heard positive reports on your programs, but seeing you in action fully confirms that you a very special speaker who demonstrates a great deal of passion regarding your areas of expertise."

Glenn Brickey Stetson University

"She was excellent, and the lecture had the students laughing, while at other times, one could hear a pin drop. She's both informative and fun and was easy to work with. We hope to have her back"

Amy Urquhart Long Island University

"She's both informative and funny, and elicits strong emotional reactions from students. She's very concerned with addressing concerns specific to your campus and is a pleasure to work with."

Rebecca Caldwell University of North Carolina Wilmington

"Your program is so practical. Instead of saying, "Don't do it," you tell us how to do it safely."

Student George Washington University

"There is no way that you can walk out thinking the same as when you walked in"

Student Rider University

"Elaine is the best! She tells us the reality of many situations and doesn't try to sugarcoat anything. We just had her program and students want to know when she is coming back"

Student St. Joseph's College

"I don't think that anyone in attendance will be able to discard any of the information she gave us and keep a clear conscience."

Student - Frostberg State University

Pro Athlete

"Thanks a lot for the knowlege. Sometimes we all need to hear this information over and over again until it sticks."

NBA D-League Player

"Two years in a row the Rookies felt the was one of their best presentations. Her warmth, knowledge, and enthusiasm are a rare gift."

New York Giants

"The wealth of information you brought to the program will make a lasting effect."

Carolina Panthers

"You did a great job and your attitude and professionalism was exceptional...Our players really enjoyed learning from you and I did too."


"Thank your for a great presentation; we are still talking about it as a staff."

Philadelphia Phillies

High School

"Your talk opened up a lot of awkward but necessary discussions for my mom and I tonight after we left. It truly made me think how I want to spend my weekends next year in college."

High School Senior

"I use to drink at parties and enjoy people's company, but I decided against it until I turn 21."

High School Senior

"Elaine possesses a genuine concern for the children of our community. To this end she had given selflessly of her time and resources."

High School Principal

"I walked out of your program more informed, more shocked, and more empowered to try and guide our kids safely through life. Your knowledge on the topic is abundant and the way you present is straight forward, (and funny) and pure."


"Your message is so clear, and your understanding of the HIV/AIDS issue is so thorough. Your passion for the topic is also very clear, due to your personal connection with this horrible disease. You are reaching so many people with your message; I feel certain that you are making a huge difference in the lives of many."


"Yours on the other hand was both factual and fun. I never lost interest in what you had to say. I learned a lot and will use it in my life."


"The information I got was extremely helpful and will be integrated into my decision-making skills."


"Thank you for shining a light on my confusion. This program inspired me to get myself checked and to have a new start."


"Thanks for maybe saving my life."


"Seeing that video of your mother had more impact on me than four years of AIDS education. Thank you!"


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