For 21 years I have helped colleges increase retention and create a safe environment for their students. My high-energy, interactive programs motivate students to engage in bystander intervention and make positive choices so they may obtain their goals and develop brighter futures. 

Pro Athlete

Athletes experience challenges as they transition to the professional level. I motivate players make posittive choices in spite of the challenges from attention, temptations, money, and suffocating media attention. Athletes learn to preserve their legacy for their stellar athletic performance and not their indiscretions outside the competitive arena. 


Military leaders face one of the most challenging populations today when it comes to addressing issues surrounding sexual assault in the work and living environment. Elaine trains military personnel based on 20 years of hands on experience in working with diverse populations.


Corporate employees are motivated to develop respectful relationships, open communication, and develop stronger teams through my interactive programs on harassment, diversity and inclusion, and communication.  I will help you increase innovation and profits, and reduce liability by creating a more cohesive work environment.

High School

I create an understanding of the impact of high-risk behaviors by fostering the importance of legacy, goals, and that choices matter. Your students will gain a keen awareness of the life-altering impact of high-risk drinking, drug abuse, sexual assault, and STDs through my honest and interactive programs and will be transformed to make positive choices. 

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