Public Speaking Coaching

To abide by social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic, Elaine is offering coaching via Zoom, Skype, or your choice of video platform.

Elaine offers personalized or group virtual coaching sessions. 

Verbal expression is an art – the art of expressing yourself in a way that’s engaging, with clarity, and few words.

Almost all of us are in the business of presenting ideas to others. We want to connect with listeners intellectually and emotionally to influence critical thinking.

Elaine has perfected her platform skills for 25 years and trained with the best. She has the expertise to help you and your team become the best public speakers, to effectively convey your ideas. People will hang on to your every word!

Increase your profits as you and your staff speak with commanding confidence. People will want to hear more!


  • Learn how to structure a speech so the content flows well.
  • Know what talking points have the most impact
  • Draw participants in emotionally
  • Understand the art of storytelling to keep people engaged and connected.
  • How to structure a story
  • Speak with authority and inflection.
  • Use the physical body to express yourself