Finding the Resilience Within You!
A Guide to Mental Health

When Elaine was 22 years young her father died suddenly of a heart attack on a tennis court. He was only 49 years old. Twelve years later her stepfather was diagnosed with AIDS. It was then discovered that he unknowingly passed the deadly virus on to her mother. He died 9 months later and her mom, 5 years later.

Elaine also has a deep understanding of the issues for those who struggle with mental illness – she was the legal guardian of her cousin who was paranoid schizophrenic. She’s keenly aware of the ever-increasing levels of anxiety and depression seen at campuses nationwide and has lost close friends to suicide.

Despite untimely losses and challenges in her life, Elaine is one of the most optimistic people you will meet. She knows what it’s like to feel deep pain – pain that distracts and paralyzes.

Yet she developed the tools to pull herself up, recovering, and moving forward. She always finds something positive to draw on, even when times are tough. It’s called living with gratitude.

Elaine shares her wisdom and strategies, from the power of positive thinking, connecting to one another, (put down those cell phones!) and to self-care. She promotes exercise and setting aside time each day to engage in activities that brings pleasure to secrete dopamine, the feel-good chemical in the brain.
Your students will learn about the risks of self-medicating with alcohol and marijuana. Elaine addresses the increasing depression caused by social media and the incivility that’s gripping our nation. Students will learn to recognize the symptoms of mental illness. She breaks down the stigma so people will reach out for help.

Your students will develop resilience as Elaine helps them to recognize and build on their inner strength. They come to understand that they can weather bad times, will gain their greatest wisdom from these experiences to find purpose, and be stronger for it.

Takeaways for your students

  • Recognizing mental illness
  • Breaking the stigma to encourage students to seek help
  • Understanding options for help
  • Understanding effects on one’s social and academic life and goals
  • Strategies for positive thinking
  • How to pick yourself up when you are down – learning to weather the storm when bad things happen
  • Negative effects of self-medicating
  • Effects of social media on depression and anxiety
  • Importance of civility and kindness into our daily conversations
  • Self-care: increased sleep, exercise, healthy diet, connecting to nature and people around us
  • Unplugging from smartphones to connect with people around us
  • Understanding effects of technology on the brain – importance of unplugging

Elaine is a highly engaged listener and communicator. Call her and she will gladly discuss the topics available to best address the needs of your students and customize a program just for you! Together you will find the perfect solution and program for your student population!