Safe Spring Break

Is your campus known as a party school – have your hospital transports increased?
Would you like to reduce -risk drinking and sexual assaults to lower your liability?
Do you want to reduce the number of drunken unprotected hookups?
This program is perfect for those who want to increase retention on campus and help your students achieve success in academics and life!

High-risk behaviors at our colleges and universities are a contributing factor to one of the lowest retention and graduation rates of the industrialized nations.

Elaine is one of the few speakers nationwide who comprehensively combines the topics of high-risk drinking, sexual health, and sexual assault. Her philosophy – students often combine the three in one night, why not comprehensively combine them in one program?

This program creates a safe and healthy campus environment and increases student retention by bringing home the relevant message of partying responsibly, respecting one another, and keeping each other safe. Elaine’s inclusive language and non-judgmental demeanor provides an open and safe environment for everyone. 

Takeaways for your students

  • Importance of goals and legacy in life – choices matter
    Develop respect for alcohol – options ranging from abstinence to safe alcohol consumption  
  • Understand effects of alcohol on the brain, body, and behavior
  • Effects of alcohol on athletic ability and muscle recovery
  • Life-altering consequences of high-risk drinking
  • Understand relationship of alcohol to sexual assault, consent, and effective communication
  • Definitions of sexual assault, rape, stalking, and dating violence
  • What consent looks and sounds like
  • Connection to sex under the influence and unsafe sex
  • Knowledge of sexually transmitted infections reaching an all-time high
  • Overview of sexually transmitted infections
  • Sexual options such as abstinence and the joy of safe sex, 
  • Healthy communication and respect
  • Effects of marijuana, other Illegal drugs, prescription drug abuse
  • Vaping’s negative effects
  • Strategies for bystander Intervention 
  • Developing confidence to make positive choices

Elaine is a highly engaged listener and communicator. Call her and she will gladly discuss the topics available to best address the needs of your students and customize a program just for you! Together you will find the perfect solution and program for your student population!

Program content is tailored for Catholic universities and other faith-based institutions.