An Unheard Voice

Has your campus experienced a high-profile Title IX case?

Are your reporting cases increasing?

Are your students clicking through online sexual assault programs instead of engaging in a critical conversation and follow up for support?

Sexual violence is a devastating problem on campuses today. One in five women and one in 16 men will become a victim of sexual violence during their college career.

Title IX grants every student the right to an education free from sexual assault or harassment.

Elaine addresses the critical issue of sexual violence with passion and sensitivity. As a survivor, she provides a compelling story and perspective that others may not. Through her story and those of students who reached out to her, your students will develop a deeper understanding of the devastating life-altering effects of sexual assault on survivors and gain essential skills to provide support. Students often say that her stories affected them the most.

She empowers students to recognize the modes that a perpetrator operates in and engages them in peer mediation to end their harmful behavior. Elaine fosters the value of integrity and doing the right thing and urges students to become part of the national initiative of bystander intervention, for which she shares effective strategies.

As a subject matter expert connecting high-risk drinking to sexual assault, Elaine highlights the effects of alcohol – most critically on the brain and diminishing intuition, communication skills, and reading body language. Students learn practical strategies for low-risk drinking and develop an awareness of the negative impact of victim-blaming responses.

They participate in engaging interactive exercises that facilitate a lighter conversation and dramatically highlights common assumptions, misperceptions of consent, and the implications of sexual violence on one’s health.

Takeaways for Your Students

  • Title IX – latest trends on campuses
  • Legal definition of sexual assault and rape
  • Stalking, domestic violence, dating violence
  • Emotional and physical effects
  • Consent, healthy communication – Yes means yes
  • Coercion
  • Incapacitation
  • Personality traits of perpetrators and modes of operation
  • Bystander intervention – effective strategies
  • Date rape drugs
  • Common Assumptions
  • Risk Reduction
  • How and where to seek help

Students develop healthy communication skills as they acquire increased awareness of mutual respect and emotional intimacy.

They leave empowered to engage in bystander intervention.

Many state that they now understand the importance of keeping their radar up at parties.

An Unheard Voice can be presented to mixed or same-gender audiences. 

This program is not meant to just check off the Title IX box. It is a program that stimulates critical thinking, a meaningful dialogue, and meets students where they are at. 

Call Elaine so she can help your campus provide a safe environment, preserve your reputation, and decrease liability.  

An Unheard Voice is in compliance with the Campus Sexual Violence Elimination (SaVE) Act under Title IX