Surviving the Party- Military

Elaine is one of the few national experts who combines the topics of high-risk drinking, sexual assault and sexual health in one program. She believes that the three often go hand in hand in one night.

High-risk drinking effects productivity, safety, and cohesiveness of a military unit.

Elaine does not subscribe to the ineffective “Don’t do it message.” Instead she creates respect for alcohol as she provides strategies from abstinence to safe consumption.  Through her expertise in public health, Elaine clearly establishes alcohol’s effects on the brain, decision-making process, and its life-altering outcomes.  She clarifies misconceptions about safe quantities and differences in gender metabolism.

She effectively establishes the relationship of high-risk drinking to sexual assault and diminished communication. Service members leave with a clear understanding of the definition of consent, coercion, and incapacitation. They learn effective strategies to engage in bystander intervention.

The most recent report from the CDC finds that STIs have reached an all-time high in the U.S. Elaine effectively connects high-risk drinking to unprotected sex through captivating, highly memorable interactive exercises that get participants out of their seats and engages them in real-life situations. (No dry PowerPoint! They will be talking about this program for months!) Your service members will leave with the understanding of the potentially life-altering health consequences of unprotected sex, as well as options from abstinence to safe sex and healthy communication. Elaine discusses this difficult topic with refreshing honesty.

This dynamic program creates a safe, healthy, and productive environment. Your service members will leave empowered for optimal performance and to have fun without life-altering consequences or regrets.

If you want to strictly address alcohol, or sexual health alone, she can do that with ease. Elaine is a highly-engaged listener and communicator. She will discuss the topics available to specifically address the needs of your population and together you will find the perfect solution and program for your installation.

Takeaways for your Service Members

  •  Goals and legacy in life
    High-risk drinking – Safe quantities and metabolism
    Effects of alcohol on brain, body, and behavior
    Effects of alcohol on mental clarity and physical performance
    Negative consequences of high-risk drinking
    Sexual violence
    Date rape drugs
    Sex under the influence
    Negative outcomes of unsafe sex
    Sexually transmitted infections
  • Safe sex & healthy communication
  • Bystander Intervention
    Marijuana, other Illegal drugs, prescription drug abuse
    Responsible choices
    Social norms

Elaine is a highly engaged listener and communicator. Call her and she will gladly discuss the topics available to best address the needs of your installation and customize a program for you.