Unheard Voice – Military

Military leaders face one of the most challenging populations today when it comes to addressing issues surrounding sexual assault in the work and living environment. Mixed gender and age demographics, diverse socio-economic and educational backgrounds, and confined living and working conditions create perfect conditions for problems to arise.

Elaine addresses the critical issues of sexual assault with passion and sensitivity. Service members leave this high-energy, interactive program with clear definitions of affirmative consent, rape versus sexual assault, stalking, dating, and domestic violence.

Elaine highlights the typical traits of perpetrators and the modes in which they operate, while empowering participants to engage in peer mediation and bystander intervention. She creates a deeper understanding of the misunderstandings that lead to  sexual assault and the devastating effects on survivors. Participants develop an awareness of the negative impact of victim-blaming responses and learn crucial skills for providing support.

Elaine is a subject matter expert on the connection of high-risk drinking to sexual assault and highlights the effects of alcohol – most critically around incapacitation, diminishing intuition, and communication skills.

Participants will be challenged to develop healthy communication skills as they develop an increased awareness of trust, and emotional intimacy. They will recognize common misunderstandings regarding coercion and consent.

Most importantly service members will learn to engage in professional and respectful relationships as Elaine builds a culture of mutual respect and team commitment by effectively breaking down patterns of sexism and objectification.

Audience members have stated that they leave this program empowered to look out for one another, and with confidence to step in and help potential victims. 

You will find that many who typically don’t share actively participate. No question is too difficult for Elaine to tackle! She is a subject matter expert…not an actor. As a survivor of sexual violence, Elaine presents a personal perspective that others may not.

Topics Include

  • Legal definition of sexual assault and rape
    Stalking, domestic violence, dating violence
    Emotional and physical effects
    Consent vs coercion: Yes means yes
    Connection of alcohol to sexual violence
    Personality traits of perpetrators and modes of operation
  • Underlying causes of sexual violence
  • Bystander intervention – techniques
    Date rape drugs
    Common Assumptions
    Risk Reduction
    Healthy relationships and communication
    How and where to seek help