Elaine Pasqua


For 19 years Elaine has been presenting high-energy programs on high-risk drinking, sexual health, and sexual assault to more than a half a million students nationwide. She combines her expertise, life experience, passion, and enthusiasm to transform their lives.

Pro Athlete

Athletes experience challenges as they transition to the professional level. In a world of suffocating media attention, money, and temptation, athletes learn that one night can change their legacy and compromise the reputation of their team.


If you are looking for a motivational keynote  or  a speaker for a lunch and learn event, Elaine is the perfect choice to transform and inspire your employees.

High School

Age-appropriate programs are available for high school students at all grade levels. Topics range from alcohol, drugs, sexual health, sexual assault, healthy relationships, to preparing for and choosing a college. Students are motivated to make responsible choices as Elaine fosters an understanding of the importance of their legacy and goals.

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