“Thank you so much for your time with us. Our culture has changed significantly in the short time since your visit.”   Renee Magierski – Music and Arts
“You made us realize that we need to continue the conversation about diversity and inclusion.” Dr. Sharon De Vivo -President Vaughn College Aeronautics and Technology
“Elaine’s dynamism, passion and engaging personality elicited surprising employee participation and enthusiasm for her very timely subject, workplace behaviors. She brings such a credible voice to the discussion that all of us need to be having.“    Carl Smith – Call2Recycle

Pro Athlete

“Thanks a lot for the knowledge. Sometimes we all need to hear this information over and over again until it sticks.”

NBA D-League Player

“Two years in a row the Rookies felt the was one of their best presentations. Her warmth, knowledge, and enthusiasm are a rare gift.”

New York Giants

“The wealth of information you brought to the program will make a lasting effect.”

Carolina Panthers

“You did a great job and your attitude and professionalism was exceptional…Our players really enjoyed learning from you and I did too.”


“Thank you for a great presentation; we are still talking about it as a staff.”

Philadelphia Phillies


“I am beyond happy it was something the administration saw fitting for all of our student athletes. I do not know how they will be able to top this in the coming years.”

Temple University student athlete

“It is rare to find someone as skilled at broaching this difficult topic with the type of crowd we have here…we were very impressed with the interaction.”

Steve Scharnecchia Syracuse University Football

“It is touching that a person like her who has lost so much in her life is willing to give so much to the lives of others.”

Villanova University Student

“This was definitely not just another cookie-cutter lecture where everything was sure to go in one ear and out the other.”

Temple University Student Athlete

“Elaine was SO easy to work with.”

Debbie Gray Patton UW Oshkosh

“Many student athletes went out of their way to praise her performance as they found her easy to relate to, funny, and informational.” 

Roberto Sasso  Seton Hall University

“I have invited Elaine to each university I have been at for multiple years. She is the best presenter on a difficult but important subject matter.”

Dr. Wendi Santi University of St Mary

“I think every college student should go through this program. I learned so much about HIV, sex and alcohol that I didn’t know before. I will definitely think twice before I drink in an environment where I don’t know someone, or even drink at all.Thank you for an inspiring program.”

Student University of Southern California