Topics Covered:

  • Understanding and eliminating unconscious bias
  • Assumptions and stereotypes
  • Discrimination
  • Differing perspectives
  • Effects of microaggressions
  • Empathy
  • Effective communication
  • Self-reflection and awareness

Diversity and Beyond: Elevating Workplace Productivity Through Inclusion and Respect

Companies with a diverse workforce are the more innovative and successful than those with a higher intellectual pool.

Increase productivity and profits by creating a culture of inclusion and respect.

Employees are more engaged and productive when they are comfortable in the working environment. Race, gender, age and more affect the way we interact and work together.

Through her signature interactive exercises, Elaine facilitates a meaningful dialogue that allows participants to comfortably share their experiences and pain from discrimination. This raises awareness and sensitivity for others. They come to understand the effects of unconscious bias, stereotypes, and microaggressions.

Ultimately participants develop the skills to be inclusive and attentive to the needs of others through heightened empathy and communication skills.

Elaine brings it home as participants learn through interaction that there is more that unites us than divides us. Some have said that she provided outcomes that they were not prepared for!

This program is guaranteed to open the conversation and raise awareness to provide a safe, productive, and inclusive working environment where people feel proud of who they are and can bring their authentic ideas forward. A happy workplace is a productive workplace!

“Elaine has the ability to make people feel comfortable and safe while sharing their stories.

Delivered dynamic, interactive and sometimes humorous. Respect what she brings to the table. She provided training for faculty and staff with outcomes that I don’t even think we were prepared for.”

Happy, Healthy, and High-Performing: The Ultimate Guide to Crushing It at Work

90% employers find correlation between wellness promotion and employee performance.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle leads to increase energy, mental clarity, and productivity.

Elaine has a passion for public health and living well. She has been an advocate for positive lifestyle choices for decades.

Health and well-being is no longer a side conversation. It must be front and center to create a healthy workforce. This reduces absenteeism, increases productivity, and reduces health care related costs.

Positive choices for optimal health matter – they lead to peak performance. From working with high stakes, high performing athletic teams, Elaine knows what it takes to create an elite organization that collaborates well to achieve success!

Health and well-being is wholistic; combining physical health, psychological and emotional stability, and social engagement. Much comes down to establishing work-life balance to counter our daily demands and prevent burnout. Otherwise, health, productivity, and workplace satisfaction suffer.

Elaine has a passion for public health and living well. She defies her age and has boundless energy, as she’s been advocating for positive life-style choices for decades.

Through this fun, high-energy and interactive program, participants learn to prioritize healthy lifestyle choices. Ultimately, this leads to increased morale, improved engagement, and peak productivity. Increase your retention and profits!

Your staff will leave excited to make the personal changes to obtain optimal health, mental clarity, and quality of life.

Key Strategies:

  • Importance of exercise and movement
  • Tips for eating a healthy diet
  • Benefits of positive thinking and socialization
  • Self-care, unplugging your mind from technology
  • Maintaining work-life balance
  • Risks of self-medication with drugs and alcohol – healthy alternatives
  • Symptoms of mental illness – breaking stigma to seek help
  • How to avoid burnout

Key Takeaways:

  • Recognizing opportunities – having the GUTS to go for it!
  • Listening to others -acting on what they say
  • Confidence – believing in yourself
  • How to have the moxie in a male dominated industry
  • Juggling it all – finding balance in your life between professional and home
  • Self care

Unleashing Your Inner Moxy: Empowering Women with Fearless Strategies for Success

Fearless! Relentless! Intuitive! Driven!

These are just some of the words used to describe Elaine. She loves to empower women by sharing effective strategies that she implemented for more than two decades while working in a male dominated industry. She truly wants you to succeed!

Much of Elaine’s success lies in the fact that she is not afraid to network or to recognize new opportunities to sustain her business. Through guts, hard work, and sharp instincts her business has grown year after year.

Women leave this program empowered to effectively network to build and sustain a successful business or career. Learn how to roll with the ups and downs of professional life, so you can create resilience and moxie. Get ready to draw from your own inner strength to implement innovative ideas. Elaine will inspire you to be fearless so you will have the courage to think BIG, take risks, and to keep moving forward!

Ending Workplace Harassment to Create a Collaborative Culture

Harassment in the workplace creates a hostile work environment, leading to increased disengagement and lowered productivity.

Many victims experience physical and mental health ailments which can further decrease your productivity. Your profits decrease as employees feel distracted and less trusting of one another!

Elaine addresses all forms of harassment from sexual to discrimination stemming from race, gender, sexual identity, stature, religion, nationality, and more.

Through Elaine’s facilitation of eye-opening, interactive exercises, people who never talk, openly share. This honest dialogue will enable your employees to gain compassion and empathy for their coworkers.

Your staff will acquire a keen awareness of the detrimental effects of incivility on workplace culture and productivity as well as an appreciation for a happy, cohesive, and productive workplace.

This program is guaranteed to help you retain your intellectual property, expertise, and decrease liability as you build a culture of respect and inclusivity!

Elaine presents this live or virtually.

Elaine will move your employees to:

  • Comprehend all forms of harassment
  • Understand definition of severe and pervasive behavior
  • Set a standard for civility
  • Develop respect and understanding for one another
  • Fine tune interpersonal skills through effective communication, listening, negotiation, and problem-solving.

A Dose of Inspiration

Elaine is known for her storytelling prowess. People hang on to her every word! She has lived a colorful life, from growing up in New Jersey…you know what I mean…to raising two sons, 3 decades of marriage, several careers, extensive travel and adventure, and taking care of loved ones in their final days. You will love her story of scattering her aunt’s ashes on Broadway in broad daylight! People are laughing one minute and reflecting on life’s challenges with deep introspection the next. She loves to entertain, make you laugh, and inspire you! Elaine is happy to tailor a speech just for you. She can keep it light, emotional, or thought-provoking. There’s lots of material to work with!