Elaine Pasqua, CSP is a dynamic nationally recognized keynote speaker and trainer who has transformed the lives of more than half a million people nationwide. She has been working with organizations to increase productivity and retain talent. 


Once upon a time, a 6’5″ 250-pound man looked at Elaine Pasqua and said: “You are the biggest little thing I’ve ever seen!” Her upbringing in New Jersey led to moxie and an ability to connect with others.

For 27 years, this engaging and energetic live wire has been traversing the country, enthusiastically speaking to hundreds of associations and corporations, 31 teams across the NFL, NBA, and MLB, hundreds of colleges and universities and our military servicemembers.

Elaine works with various levels within an organization to create a culture of respect, effective communication, and optimal health. Her transformative programs increase performance, innovation, and profits. She is recognized for her highly interactive keynotes and trainings which transform perspective and positively influences their culture.

Elaine’s pursuit for making a difference in the lives of others began when she spoke out after losing her mom and stepdad to AIDS related complications. Her career as a professional speaker stemmed from passion and not for the accolades. That passion is reflected in her work today. Enhancing the quality of life for others resonates through Elaine’s keen knowledge, compassion, ability to connect, and sharp humor.

She is an author, columnist, and producer/director of public service videos. She has been featured in USA Today, NY1 News, Time Warner TV, NPR, NBC Sports Radio, CBS Radio, and Knight Ridder News Service. Elaine has proudly served as the president of National Speakers Association’s Philadelphia Chapter.

When she is not traveling on planes, trains, and automobiles, you can find Elaine enjoying strenuous hikes for the reward at the top, traveling for pleasure with her husband Jeff, singing rich harmonies with friends until the wee hours of the morning, or in her beautiful gardens with lots of dirt under her fingernails! She is the proud mom of Evan and David who are happy, productive, and caring young men…whew, she made it through parenting!


As a 14-year member of National Speakers Association, Elaine was awarded one of its highest designations as a Certified Speaking Professional in 2015. The CSP is granted to only 12% of its members here in the United States and the International Speaking Federation. This is the speaking profession’s highest earned international measure of professional platform competence.

Fun Facts About Elaine

Growing up 15 miles from NYC in Clark, NJ, she spent her childhood jumping rope in the streets and on playgrounds. Decades later, while walking through Times Square, she discovered that she can still jump double Dutch!
She is proud of her New Jersey roots, Italian heritage, and her ancestor who came from the Netherlands in 1638 and became one of the Power of 9 who governed NJ.
She's been happily married to Jeff Cohen for 31 years.
She'll hop on stage and sing anytime!
She’s the proud and loving mom of Evan and David and welcomed Nicole, Evan's new wife, into their family!
Elaine has been singing all her life and has been hosting a monthly music jam in her home for 32 years!
The Emerging Leaders at the University of Akron inducted Elaine as a lifetime honorary member of the Sigma Lambda Honorary for being one of three individuals who made a significant impact on the freshman population!
Elaine was honored to speak for the cast talkback at the Normal Heart on Broadway. Some of her favorite actors Jim Parsons, and Lee Pace, and AIDS Activist Larry Kramer were in attendance
She has quite a collection of college swag!
She is an avid gardener. This keeps her sane!
Elaine has hiked many of our National Parks and monuments.
She loves Broadway!